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so all I know about this series

  • jazz
  • same creators as cowboy bebop

I am actually genuinely disappointed that this isn’t a BL series.

Japan, can we please get a BL show that’s anywhere near this quality? The animation, the pacing, the characters, it’s just… It looks pretty damn wonderful, and so many of these endearing “almost gay but not really” shows are a slap in the face compared to actual “yaoi” titles, which are often too unbearable to even sit through. For me, anyway.

Ho hum.

I agree about the nature of yaoi anime and it’s near unpalatable condition; the genre hasn’t made many big advances in terms of depth. I don’t think Sakamichi no Apollon should cross into that genre, though. I like it as it is.

It may feel like a tease to us fujoshi, but I think the the attraction between these characters is more on the “matching pieces” platonic level after watching the first episode.  Sentaro awakens Nishima to the life he’s letting pass by and makes him stop and actually notice the roses long enough to ponder smelling them.  Vice versa, Nishima will give Sentaro an anchor for his choatic spontaneous Jazzy self.

IMO, platonic relationships don’t have to be non-physical. There are plenty touches and physical intimacy that aren’t sexual. I think that’s the case for these two.  This is, of course, my developing head canon based on the first episode without any previous knowledge of the work.  Haha, also were this Japanese lit I’d be singing a whole different tune, I think.